Late Fee / Rescheduling of Late Patients

We understand that schedules can change unexpectedly, and you may need to cancel or reschedule appointments.  We do require notice of changes or cancellations by 12 noon the day prior to your visit, it is your responsibility to call and cancel or rebook an appointment.   We strive to have same day and next day appointments if you cannot make your appointment someone else can.

Complex Medical Issues and Special Consideration

If you are traveling a long distance and/or believe that your concerns will require more time with the doctor, it is important for you to inform our receptionist so that an extended appointment can be booked as soon as possible.

Counseling, interviews and stress management issues

Patients should inform us when booking an appointment for counseling, stress management, or mental health concerns.  Please be as descriptive as you feel comfortable.  This is to ensure that the appropriate amount of time is booked to meet your needs.

Missed Appointment Policies

Please notify the office by 12 noon the day prior to your appointment if you are unable to attend. You will be notified of missed appointments by phone and/or receive a letter in the mail.  Missed appointments can result in a fee of $20 that is the responsibility of the patient to pay.  Frequent missed appointments (e.g. 3 consecutive or 5 in a 12 month period) can result in possibly being dismissed from the practice.

Reminders for Regular Appointments

It is the responsibility of the patient to remember all appointment times.  We will NOT be able to call or send reminders for regular appointments.

Cross-Coverage Policy

If your physician is out of the office one of our colleagues may be able to see you.  It is our goal to still have our patients treated by one of our physicians rather than being seen in an After Hours Clinic or the Emergency Room.  If you are unsure of how to reach these doctors please call our office and instructions will be recorded for you there.

Physician Gender-Neutral Policy

Your physician may refer you to another Physician in our office for different matters.  Our patients must be comfortable receiving their comprehensive care by our trusted associates, no matter what the physicians gender may be, when their regular physician is unavailable.

Policy Discouraging transfer of patients within group

Each physician within our group have been assigned their patients.  If you have an issue with the physician you have been assigned, those issues should be addressed directly with your physician.  Our office will be unable to transfer patients between the physicians in our group.

Statement Re Multiple Issues Per Visit

We do not adhere to “One Problem Per Visit”.  We allot time based on the information you provide our admin staff when making your appointment and in order to respect the time of others we try to adhere to the schedule.  It is generally preferable to deal with 1 or 2 issues per appointment in order to give proper attention to all issues.

In Hospital Care

We work as a team, sharing in-patient hospital care responsibilities.  This means that if you are admitted to hospital, you may or may not see your Family Physician during daily rounds and treatments.  You will be managed by the Family Physician that is currently on call within our team.

When you leave hospital, your family physician will be informed of the treatment you received and any medication updates.   You and your family should focus questions related to in hospital care to the on-call physician when/if they arise.  Our patients must be comfortable receiving their comprehensive care by our trusted associates.

Storm cancellation policy

In the event that the mall is closed, the clinic will be closed.  This is due to safe accessibility issues into the clinic.